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Resources on the Basics of Advocating for Farmed Animals

Resource Library


Meat Industry Consolidation in the United States

This article explains how U.S. government subsidies fuel consolidation of the meat industry into just a handful of companies.

No Cow, No Problem? Not So Fast.

This article compares potential downsides of plant-based milk with those of cow’s milk.

Going Vegan or Vegetarian

This article summarizes a study on how people decide to go vegetarian or vegan and what their dietary transitions look like.

TED Talk: Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat

This TED talk from Good Food Institute CEO Bruce Friedrich explores plant-based and cultivated meat as a basis for the next agricultural revolution.

Podcast: Leah Garcés on Working with Factory Farmers to Help Animals

On an episode of the Most Interesting People I Know podcast, our president Leah Garcés describes her history of working with factory farmers to help animals.

Podcast: Ending Factory Farming as Soon as Possible

On an episode of the 80,000 Hours podcast, Lewis Bollard, Open Philanthropy Project’s farm animal welfare program officer, discusses how we could most swiftly end factory farming.
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