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Building Power

Resources to Help You Organize with Other People to Make a Difference for Animals

Resource Library


Spectrum of Allies

This strategic tool from explores the concept of a spectrum of allyship or opposition to your cause, from active ally to active opponent and everything in between.

Understanding People Power uses the metaphor of an upside-down triangle to illustrate how people power tends to flow from the bottom up.

Why Campaigns, Not Protests, Get the Goods

The organization Waging Nonviolence describes how longer-term campaigns rather than short-term protests more often result in strategic victories and progress.

Resource Guide from Organize BC

This in-depth guide from Organize BC provides resources and education on best practices in organizing and campaigning.

What Role Were You Born to Play in Social Change?

This article from Waging Nonviolence describes four roles that people tend to fit into when organizing for social change.

A Short Guide to Organizing

Heather Booth describes the fundamentals of organizing.
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